Techrod Platform 

  • Techrod Platform is a blockchain framework on which voting applications would be run 
  • Users will be able to use our platform to customized thier own electoral process on the blockchain that suits thier Organization/Body/People....
  • Techrod Token is an utility token which will serves as gateway to using the Techrod Platform.
  • Techrod Token is created on the WAVES network.

Techrod Holdings

Techrod Holding is developing a Blockchain platform in which users can create their own voting contracts as it best suit their organization/Institution/Body needs, without having to go through the process of Coding. The Techrod Platform gives users the ability to customize their own election process and sets parameters for their members/Students/people to be eligible to partake in the election or decision making online or from anywhere using their smartphones, PC. Techrod Blockchain Platform can make the election process more secure than it currently is while allowing greater participation for all legally-registered voters.



  • The target group of investors consists of individuals and institutional investors who either have some understanding about the Blockchain world or those who mainly want to diversify a
    small part of their classical financial assets into the new economy.